SSES Young Economist Awards

On every SSES annual meeting since 2007, an award (CHF 2'000) has been granted for the best paper of all authors who are less than 33 years old.

2018 in St.Gallen

  • Andrea Camilli for the paper "Labor market institutions and homeownership"
  • Helge Liebert and Beatrice Mäder for the paper "Health care supply and infant mortality: Semiparametric evidence from Germany, 1928-1936"

2017 in Lausanne

  • Liu Liu for the paper "How Nations Evolve: Political Accountability and Developmental Trajectories"

2016 in Lugano

  • Ulrich Matter and Michaela Slotwinski for the paper "Precise Control over Legislative Vote Outcomes: A Forensic Approach to Political Economics"

2015 in Basel

  • Esther Mirjam Girsberger for the paper "Migration, Education and Work Opportunities"

2014 in Berne

  • Lukas Schmid and Stefan Legge for the paper "Rankings, Random Successes, and Individual Performance"

2013 in Neuchâtel

  • Timo Boppart and Franziska J. Weiss, for the paper "Non-homothetic preferences and industry directed technical change"
  • Nicolas Berman and Mathieu Couttenier, for the paper "External shocks, internal shots – the geography of civil conflicts"

2012 in Zurich

  • Baptiste Massenot and Kenza Benhima, for the paper "Safety Traps"

2011 in Lucerne

  • Carlo Strub and Andrew Clausen, for the paper "Envelope Theorems for Non-Smooth and Non-Concave Optimization"

2010 in Fribourg

  • Alexander Tarasov, for the paper "Per Capita Income, Market Access Costs, and Trade Volumes"
  • Timo Boppart, for the paper "Engel's law and growth and directed technical change"

2009 in Geneva

  • Benjamin Jung, for the paper „On the Importance of Adjustment Dynamics for Bilateral Trade Flows
  • Sarah Lein and Eva Köberl, for the paper „Capacity Utilisation, Constraints and price Adjustments under the Microscope

2008 in Lausanne

  • Conny Wunsch, for the paper „Optimal use of labour market policies

2007 in St.Gallen

  • Enrico De Giorgi and Francesco Audrino, for the paper „Beta Regimes for the Yield Curve
  • Michael Oechslin, for the paper „Foreign Aid, Political Instability, and Economic Growth